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Domaine Mayoussier

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Our story began a long time ago, back to the 19th century. This is the story of a several hundred years old house, in which all members of a family love, weekend after weekend, summer after summer, to meet and experiment together small pleasures of life: admiring flower blooming and sunrise over the mountains, sharing delicious food and wine, ….

In 2012, Antoine, the great great grand son, at this time 30 years old and sommelier in a prestigious restaurant in London, proposed to his whole family to embark on a common adventure, a little crazy, a bit ambitious, but so human : making wine on the land surrounding the old Domaine creating a new terroir…


The family members, based on their various and high-valued professional experiences, became shareholders and gave Antoine and its project a chance to start.

Together with an expert oenologist from the neighbouring Côtes du Rhône, enthusiastic about this amazing project, they built Domaine Mayoussier and produce, year after year, a very secret, preserved and high quality wine, based on organic and natural methods, including draft horses.
We hope you will enjoy the tasting.


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