Julie Pelletier - Soprano and Founder

Born and raised in France, Julie practices singing since childhood. She started her musical education with Russian folk singing and guitar at her home town music school. As a teenager she was more interested in her rock band and horses than in classical music but it abruptly shifted when she turned 17.

At this time, Julie discovered opera through a French movie (« Comme une image », directed by Agnès Jaoui) which allowed her to find the meaning of her life : to become an opera singer. It took her several years and she litteraly used many teachers before understanding that it wouldn't be that easy. Anyhow confident in her abilities and in the quality of her voice, she fought against a system that didn't fit her. Somehow, she never had the opera singer's look and attitude but she was so brave she tried singing at any cost. The French method never fitted to her large voice with glittering high notes. The teachers didn't know what to do with her voice so they just let her learn by herself. Then she met Vania Boneva, ex-soloist of the State Bulgarian Opera and now part of the Paris Opera Choir, who taught her everything she knew about singing. Vania was her true master, the only person who could raise Julie's voice. And thanks to this old fashioned way of teaching, from a master to a student, the singer inside her could grow.

In 2015 Julie entered Galina Vishnevskaya's Opera Center in Vladislav Verestnikov's class and in 2017 she settled in Japan where she currently lives and work. She created her own company dedicated to new types of shows allowing anyone to enjoy the core of opera : life, and the beautiful story that's within.


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